Special film "TruDi" ...

In addition to our available standard range of films, please contact us with our range of special films. Sometimes special effects and special promotional effect requires a slightly different film.

Therefore we pesent to you our new product "TruDi" today!

"TruDi" is a matt-white based on polyester film with exceptional properties such as a very low transparency and a high degree of whiteness.

The PET-film is coated on both sides with a funtional coating that allows usage in digital and offset printing due to their mechanical strength, dimensional stability and excellent heat resistance.

The matte, opaque material can be processed like paper with normal paper and ink printable on a variety of industrial, toner-based laser systems. Its brilliant white surface ensures an exact print reproduction which is ideally suited for the use of permanent instructions, labels, cards, manuals and diagrams as well for marketing communications at point of sale.

In addition, "TruDi" can be described by typewriter, pen, fiber pen or pencil. Thus, even though the surface by printing as paper may be treated, the substrate itself and the physical properties of a modern plastics material. "TruDi" is tear resistant and weather resistant and has a high resistance to fresh and salt water as well as fat and various cehmicals, such as Gasoline, oil, etc.

Have we piqued your interest? - Why not try directly times our complimentary Sample and see for yourself the high quality of this product.

Our qualified sales team will advise you and is welcome your wishes.

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